Welcome to     St Ignace Area Hope!

P.O. Box 170, Saint Ignace, MI 49781

May God bless you and give you true peace.
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St Ignace Area Hope is a charity formed by six Saint Ignace area churches. It includes the Food Pantry, the Hope Chest Resale Shop, and the Hope Hot Line. Its purpose is to provide immediate, temporary assistance to individuals who are urgently in need of goods or services due to financial hardship. "Hope" will consistently endeavor to represent itself as a faith-based organization operating separate from but as a reflection of the six churches.

The three pillars of Hope
Hotline Phone Hope Chest Food Pantry
A compassionate ear for
any problem
Good clothes, etc. for everyone!
Cost: your $$ donations
For those in
genuine need

St. Ignace Area Hope is incorporated in the State of Michigan.
Click here to read our Constitution and Bylaws.

Call the HotLine or the Hope Chest/Food Pantry.
Write to our P.O. box shown above.

Click here if you would like to make a
financial donation.

"I asked for bread and received a stone. I used the stone to grind the grain. That made the flour to form the bread. Instead of asking God to give us the things for which we pray, all that we need to ask is: show us the way."

When you need help, let Hope help you find the way. Call our Hotline today.

For all sorts of other information about Saint Ignace, please refer to the St. Ignace Chamber of Commerce.
May God bless you now and always!